Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My A5 Milestone

Sept 17,09

"Finally my A5 Arrived all the way from KL....my friend bought it for me at RM 1200 from Pro Paintball ...abit expensive......"

Unboxing my A5

Sept 26,09
First Upgrade.....J&J 16 inches barrel...Second hand purchase from Tajul.... Member of Jahang River Paintball......

Nov 11,09
2nd Upgrade !!!!
X7 loader and 68 CU HPA tank from Skimish ..... Trinity Remote coil from Ebay .....Good Price buddy!!!!

Nov 7,09
3rd Upgrade....

After a month of waiting.....finally my 6 Position Stock arrived...it fits my A5 perfectly.....my A5 "Sniper mode"....Die Achtung!!!!

Dec 5,09

Well....finally my Tippmann A5 Sniper Riffle upgard completed with Bushnell Scope......but I am having difficulties to mount it on my A5......after searching around for a month....managed to find a offset rail with a reasonable price........

For next upgrade.......waiting for my Bipod arrival.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paintball Stuff for Sale

After struggle for almost for 2 months,finally I am able to get some A5 and paintball stuff for for sale.At this moments I am only planning to sell something that tested by myself....opps..don worry all products is in NEW condition...never use it before

Man Face Contour Full Face Guard Hard Plastic Mask

Product Descriptions:

-With notrils hole,comfortable breath
-Constructed with biodegradable hard plastic, no smell.
-Protected from AEG with M200 spring(650FPS)
-Adjustable belt, fit for most size of head
-Looks cool during the battle game, and with full face protective, best with goggle to have eyes protection.
-Perfect for airsoft, hunting, war game and military use.
- Colour: Matte Black ,Green
- Price: RM60
-Shipment- West Malaysia-RM5 Est Malaysia RM10

Collapsible stock for Tippmann A5

Product Descripions:

This is a real butt stock from a real rifle - made for your Tippmann A5. It has the same quality and durability as real firearms .Made to out last your paintball marker.

- Mounts to rear of A5 using the two rear cap strip pins.
- Stock locks in 6 positions, from fully retracted to fully extended
- Heavy-duty composite frame - Add unique look and comfort
- Fits for Tippmann A-5
-Price: RM200
-Shipment- West Malaysia-RM5 Est Malaysia RM15

Blackjack Paintball 4+1 Woodland Camo Harness

Product Descripions:

This 4+1 Pack was developed to give players the features of a high-end pack with a reduced price that leaves you with more money for paint. The 4+1 Pack carries 4 X 140 round pods horizontally, and a HPA tank.It comes with Velco extension to hold up to 68cu HPA tank securely and a nylon belt to provide a maximum comfort to the player while moving in the battlefield.Shown with pods and tank for illustration. PODS & TANK ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE

Price: RM60
Shipment- West Malaysia-RM5 Est Malaysia RM10

outcoming product for sale......

Camo Glove

Length : 22cm
-Material : Cotton
-Weight : 65g
-Color : woodland camo
-Non-slip material on front of the gloves
-Velcro adjustable wrist and extremely lightweight.
-Price : RM 45
-Shipment- West Malaysia-RM5 Est Malaysia RM10

Tactical Foregrip Biopod

-Made by high density polymer.
-Tactical foregrip with built-in bipod.
-One push button spring eject bipod legs.
-Combine vertical foregrip and bipod function.
-Fit all 20mm RIS rail.
-Improve accuracy and allow firm hold on your airsoft AEG.
-Easy to install.
-Perfect for outdoor war game activities.
-Price: RM 65
-Shipment- West Malaysia-RM5 Est Malaysia RM10

If you guys interested on these 2 outcoming item please let me know.I will reserve for you guys as the stock will not be many due to small business.........no enough cashflow

Friday, November 27, 2009

About The Woodzballer Webstore

I took up paintball early October 2009 when my colleague invited me to join them in one of the wonderful weekend.The battlefield is located at Kg,Jahang,Gopeng Perak which is around 30KM from Ipoh City.I started to fall in love on paintball after my first games especially when i can get myself closer to mother nature after 1 week of city life....that's really boring.
On the second games I started to have my own marker after 1 week of intensive goggling information on which maker that fit me best.Finally i decide to go for Tippmann A5 basic.
The reason why I choose Tippmann A5 is because of the cyclone feeder which I planned for the future as a serious player....thinking can be a professional player or not?????
To be a woodsballer,i am thinking of tough environments where we will expose to moisture or even more fun play in the rain,Egrip and Eloader are not my choice.I prefer to have a fully mechanical Marker that allow me to enjoy and focus in the "battle" and not to give a shit on my Electronic Stuffs.
In this few months I am really enjoy my life as a weekend woodsballer where I am looking forward on every weekend to meet all my gangs at the abandon fruit plantation in Kg.Jahang......to all problems from the office pls fuck-off and see you on monday....
Beside weekend games,I am also enjoying the process of upgrading my A5 where i have to search around the internet to spend within my slim budgets.Throughout this process I'm managed to get some sources where I'm able bring a nice products with a affordable price.Since i need to finance my new hobby without touching my family expenses/budget....otherwise the lady of the house will start to ask for a thousands of reasons why paintball and not our future.Therefore I decided to setup this webstore to serve the woodsballer's community and earn some money for paint at the weekend perhaps some money to upgrade.........