Friday, November 27, 2009

About The Woodzballer Webstore

I took up paintball early October 2009 when my colleague invited me to join them in one of the wonderful weekend.The battlefield is located at Kg,Jahang,Gopeng Perak which is around 30KM from Ipoh City.I started to fall in love on paintball after my first games especially when i can get myself closer to mother nature after 1 week of city life....that's really boring.
On the second games I started to have my own marker after 1 week of intensive goggling information on which maker that fit me best.Finally i decide to go for Tippmann A5 basic.
The reason why I choose Tippmann A5 is because of the cyclone feeder which I planned for the future as a serious player....thinking can be a professional player or not?????
To be a woodsballer,i am thinking of tough environments where we will expose to moisture or even more fun play in the rain,Egrip and Eloader are not my choice.I prefer to have a fully mechanical Marker that allow me to enjoy and focus in the "battle" and not to give a shit on my Electronic Stuffs.
In this few months I am really enjoy my life as a weekend woodsballer where I am looking forward on every weekend to meet all my gangs at the abandon fruit plantation in Kg.Jahang......to all problems from the office pls fuck-off and see you on monday....
Beside weekend games,I am also enjoying the process of upgrading my A5 where i have to search around the internet to spend within my slim budgets.Throughout this process I'm managed to get some sources where I'm able bring a nice products with a affordable price.Since i need to finance my new hobby without touching my family expenses/budget....otherwise the lady of the house will start to ask for a thousands of reasons why paintball and not our future.Therefore I decided to setup this webstore to serve the woodsballer's community and earn some money for paint at the weekend perhaps some money to upgrade.........